Oregon Breweries

A list of major & minor beer producers in Oregon

Central-Eastern Oregon

Greater Portland

Oregon Coast

Southern Oregon

Willamette Valley

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Portrait of yours truly drinking a beer

This is a fun personal project by Cory Reed (AKA Swash Cap).

I designed and coded this page in an effort to organize a microbrewery tour for the summer of 2013. The project became a rabbit hole: I quickly learned that there are tons of breweries in Oregon, most of which are unique to this state. No interactive and accessible listings of all of the breweries existed at the time, so I took it upon myself to make such an index. This task became my burden and joy (accompanied by several fermented beverages, of course).

My hope is that this page will aid other beer drinkers in enjoying what our great state has to offer.



This list was compiled through Oregon Brewers’ Guild member directory, Oregon Brew Fest’s 2013 beer listings and general Google searches.

The map portion of this project is built using Google Maps with some custom colors and icons. The webpage doesn’t rely on a CMS: instead, it is statically generated through a very hack-ish XML dump.