Do Not Work For Arseholes

Design Week interviewed Erik Spiekermann:

What piece of advice would you give to people starting out in design?

Learn, learn, learn. (that’s three pieces because it’s so important). And do not work for arseholes, nor with them.

It’s short – ten questions – but, you know, Spiekermann.

Covering Mistakes

Design cannot cover the mistakes of bad management, but styling can. That is why American Airlines opted for that solution.

—Massimo Vignelli, in an interview with Creative Review


The logo we designed 45 years ago had equity, value and timelessness. Why to bother with it…Anyhow, I am quite proud of what I did long ago and wish the best to them. Only time will say.

(via Daring Fireball)

The Old Fashioned on The Talk Show

On the latest episode of The Talk Show, host John Gruber and guest Marco Arment talk about the classic whiskey drink, the Old Fashioned. Mr. Arment (around ~1:58:05):

I’ve ordered Old Fashions at a few places and they’re usually terrible. Cause, usually it’s like a fruit smoothie in there. You wonder what…[the bartenders] were thinking when they made it.

Here, here. And Mr. Gruber (around ~1:59:00):

I’ll give you my Old Fashioned recipe…two small dashes of [Fee Brothers] orange bitters,… two small dashes of their regular bitters – their Angostura bitters…[one] demerara sugar cube, little bit of water just a little bit, just enough to get the sugar cube dissolved…muddle that up, get that sugar cube as dissolved as you can get it put a whole bunch of big fistful of cracked ice in there. Two ounces of bourbon, stir that thing for as long as you can bear to stir it…strain it, put it in a glass with one big-ass ice cube and then orange peel, lemon peel, whatever you’ve got in the house.

That’s that.

They also mentioned this website as a good, simple reference to getting started.

Jim Coudal on Growth

[W]ith The Deck we made a very conscious decision to grow it organically and our idea was to grow the thing sold out. I’m sure we left a lot of money on the table…but it’s allowed everybody to sleep at night and we don’t have to make hard decisions about ads that we don’t want to accept affiliates that we don’t want to add.

Jim Coudal, one of the guys behind the online advertising network The Deck and Field Notes, was on the latest The New Disruptors. (Quote right around 33:15.)