Moving To MRN

I’m very excited to announce that I’m joining the web team at the Mind Research Network as a software engineer. MRN is non-profit focused on academic research of mental illness and brain disorders. They’re based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I shall remain in Portland as a remote employee.

These transitions are always tough. I’m leaving Electric Pulp, one of the oldest web firms in the country. I recognize this last year’s projects to be some of my very best. I’m fortunate to have met and worked with such talented people.


Client work can be wearying. Constant context changing, rapid timescales, concerned clients…it’s a lot of things to juggle. There’s rarely a chance to revisit and improve on old work. Agency front-end developers build up a very particular set of skills: proficiency typically results in less challenging work. I’ve done it for four years, and I’m ready to try something new.

What Now

MRN’s web team works on a researcher-facing web app that’s fairly large and, frankly, showing its age. The team plans to restructure the app and update the design. I’ll help by fixing bugs, testing code, and developing front-end features (thus the recent JavaScript reads). I’m especially thrilled to put my design experience to use and assist with user interface design. There’s much to do, and I’m excited to get started.