All The Features

Ben Brooks recently wrote:

What I want is the iOS equivalent of a CMS: Massive power and expandability presented through a simplified, easy to understand interface.

Okay. Mr. Brooks listed off 20 features and concludes:

This should, and can, be easy to do — so where is it?

Here’s the thing about writing a CMS: it’s not easy. In a recent article about Microsoft’s Surface, John Gruber wrote:

The truth is, all design is about compromise.

This is all too apt to writing software. As with anything design – and writing software is Design – there’s always compromise. There’s always a tradeoff between ease-of-use and complexity, features and project duration, etc.

Apple’s iOS is a perfect example of this: it’s relatively easy to use, but it’s limited in what it allows users to do. You can’t always have all the features; you have to decide which compromises you’re okay with.