Barn Owl Imperial Brown Ale

by Alameda Brewing Company

Is it really the season for browns? Not quite. As it turns out, Barn Owl is a leftover spring seasonal, found hanging around the local bottle shop’s fridge. It seems fine:

The Barn Owl Imperial Brown is brewed in the style of southern English brown ale, only much stronger…A myriad of specialty malts impart a smooth, layered flavor with notes of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit shining through.

It’s thick, deep and dark. Notes of chocolate dominate the flavor, coupled with extreme earthiness and bitterness at the end. Medicinal hops make a brief appearance, but the bitterness swallow them up. The flavors seem uninhibited from six months in the fridge. This beer’s not bad – if you can manage to find it.


3 out of 5