Pamplemousse Citrus IPA

by Lompoc Brewing

This IPA from Portland’s own Lompoc carries a special zing:

The first brew in our new IPA Series is a shining example of a traditional Northwest IPA with the head and aroma of grapefruit and fresh citrus.

As it turns out, this beer packs some special ingredients:

Four hop varieties along with real grapefruit juice build a solid hop bitterness highlighted by citrus notes, both on the tongue and in the nose.

It is a brilliant amber color with primarily honey-sweet odors. It tastes, predictably, of grapefruit. Occasional malt sweetness gives way to extremely bitter hops at the end. It’s a big beer with lots of flavor, and good enough to win some local support:

Oregonian beer writer John Foyston named Pamplemousse Citrus IPA his Beer of the Year, Part I…

Not a small testimonial. If you’re up for a “fresh-squeezed” brew, or you’re looking for something crisp and new, give Pamplemousse a shot.


4 out of 5