Ground Control

by Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Seven years after we started brewing in Oregon, we decided the sky was not the limit. One year, two rockets and countless lab hours later, we successfully launched a payload of brewer’s yeast into outer space with the help of rocket scientists. After a much awaited return to Earth, the mission of creating space beer is now complete. Ground Control boldly combines local and out-of-this-world ingredients. This rich, complex Imperial Stout is brewed with Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, and fermented with an Ale yeast that survived a trip to space and back. Mankind will enjoy the sweet finesse of this beer that only fares better with time.


4 out of 5

Sir Orange Lot Pale Ale

by Hop Valley Brewing

Eugene-based Hop Valley champions the citris flavors in many of their brews. This summer seasonal follows this trend:

Bitter and sweet orange peels are added to this cloudy summer pale for a refreshing finish. Nugget hops are also featured to provide this beer with an orange blossom-like aroma.

The beer appears as a burnt amber liquid, with flowery and bread-y odors to it. The flavor is, predictably, of orange. It slides into an astrigent bitterness at the end with a bit of a zing.

The ale isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s enjoyable enough and highly drinkable. Perfect for one of these warm summer afternoons.

Golden Farmhouse Ale

by Ambacht

Hillsboro-based Ambacht makes ales that “are Belgian inspired and influenced by the bounty of our region.”

Our Golden Ale infused with rose hips during secondary fermentation gives this slightly pink golden ale a floral spicy nose with hint of citrus. Smooth and moderately carbonated, this ale has a slight earthy astringency that IPA-drinkers may appreciate.


3 out of 5

Dyanmic Duo IIPA

by Ex Novo

Portland’s only nonprofit brewery, Ex Novo, makes this ale from Citra and Simcoe hops (the duo). This beer pours an opaque, light-yellow liquid and smells sort of fruity. Don’t let its color fool you: it’s packed full of powerful lemony-citrus and pungent hops. It ends on a crushed berry note.

Dynamic Duo tastes balanced, smooth and welcoming. Give it a shot!

Barn Owl Imperial Brown Ale

by Alameda Brewing Company

Is it really the season for browns? Not quite. As it turns out, Barn Owl is a leftover spring seasonal, found hanging around the local bottle shop’s fridge. It seems fine:

The Barn Owl Imperial Brown is brewed in the style of southern English brown ale, only much stronger…A myriad of specialty malts impart a smooth, layered flavor with notes of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit shining through.

It’s thick, deep and dark. Notes of chocolate dominate the flavor, coupled with extreme earthiness and bitterness at the end. Medicinal hops make a brief appearance, but the bitterness swallow them up. The flavors seem uninhibited from six months in the fridge. This beer’s not bad – if you can manage to find it.


3 out of 5

Viscious Mosquito IPA

by Sunriver Brewing Company

The heavy handed use of the finest Northwest hops define this pungent, resinous brew. The hop attack is coming at you like the vicious mosquitos at our nearby Cascade Mountains.

That sounds terrifying, but this flagship beer from Sunriver Brewing shares but a name with the winged pest.

The description is right on: the beer is packed with five hop varietals, driving the flavor towards citrus, pungent flowers and some fruitiness. It’s all over the map – an extreme IPA — yet it manages to remain highly drinkable.


4 out of 5

Twilight Summer Ale

by Deschutes Brewery

Select malts and a heady dose of bold Amarillo hops deliver full-on flavor and crafted nuance in a sory summer style. Enjoy chilled as the days linger.

Bear Republic Brewing Co.

This floral, heavily hopped ale out of Healdsburg, CA, packs a ton of flavor:

This hoppy IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with malted barley, wheat, and crystal malts. The malt base is designed to highlight the unique floral qualities Columbus and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest.

The beer erupts from the bottle as a light yellow ale with a full head. It’s creamy and thick, with some seriously sweet malt character. Hops come to dominate the flavor after a few sips: they’re citrus-y, pineapple-y, pungent and highly bitter at the end. This brew tastes interesting overall, and remains compelling to the last drop.


4 out of 5

Imperial Pelican Ale

by Pelican Brewing Company

This commemorative bottle of Imperial Pelican Ale pays tribute to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge located on the banks of the Columbia River in Ridgefield, WA. With over 5,000 acres of forest, wetlands and grasslands, this diverse habitat is home to hundreds of native plants and animals. Pelican Brewing Company is proud to be partnering with Ridgefield NWR to promote environmental conservation. Together we can unitue to protect more land and waterways to ensure humans and wildlife can continue to co-exist.

Limited edition label.


4 out of 5

Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

by Lagunitas Brewing Company


? out of 5